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Products & Solutions

Engineering the Future, Precision-Designed for OEMs

Our products are more than just parts; they are beacons of innovation. Crafted with precision and care, they set new standards for the electrical industry and beyond.


We create custom metal designs that challenge norms, bridge gaps, and embody forward-thinking solutions. These solutions take quality standards a step further, setting the benchmark for electrical innovation in everything from energy and mobility to the data industry. That's why we're recognized as the blueprint of precision-engineered copper and aluminum manufacturing, with a product portfolio overflowing with next-generation solutions.

Our solutions may be rooted in the future, but it’s our end-to-end process that makes us trusted partners. Steering your product from the initial concept to the meticulous manufacturing stage, to the rigorous quality assurance phase, and onto shipping, we pledge to nurture the entire lifecycle, with an uninterrupted A-to-B.


Our Capabilities

We’re more than a one-stop solution. We’re home to history-making capabilities, where standardized processes and cutting-edge equipment meet products that push the boundaries of engineering.

Metal Sourcing & Stocking

Metal Sourcing—With over a decade of experience trading raw materials, we're home to world-class, direct sourcing capabilities from North America and South America to the far corners of Asia—with full traceability capabilities to match.

Metal forming

Using cutting-edge machinery and our ultra-flexible production capabilities, we'll shape the metal according to your needs through a combination of cutting, punching, machining, bending, turning, and stamping.

Quality Assurance

We rely on rigorous, multi-step testing capabilities to ensure ‘quality’ is never compromised. It's how we're an ISO-certified business, having been audited by global clients and awarded exceptional scores.

Electroplating & Insulation

Enhancing electrical conductivity, combatting corrosion, preventing tarnishing, and enhancing the surface's appearance. Our electroplating services deploy a metal coating—including tin or silver—using an electric current based on your specifications and needs.

From epoxy resins, heat shrink sleeves, and foam to coatings, our clients can select from a breadth of insulating materials.

Induction Welding

Our state-of-the-art induction welding capabilities allow us to deliver complex welded components with unmatched quality assurance. 

Assembly & Kitting

Our services are rooted in convenience. That’s why we offer fastener applications, sub-assemby  and kitting operations, simplifying  stocking and picking operations, and prioritizing simplicity.

Our Certifications

A trusted partner, setting the standard for manufacturing brilliance.

Our certifications are more than accolades; they are your assurance of our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental care. It’s something we stand for, bringing high-quality, ultra-safe, future-proof products to our global clientele, paired with complete peace of mind. In our never-ending pursuit to grow, adapt, and lead the curve, we're continually adopting a more comprehensive selection of international standards and certifications.

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Our Products

Our products cover a wide range of applications from Switchgear, UPS Systems, Outdoor breakers, to battery components and PV  Inverters, among others.  Through our products, we service top OEMs in the energy, electrical, mobility, data center, E.V., and oil and gas industries


We boast extensive capabilities in crafting both copper and aluminum busbars. Our expertise allows us to produce any design you require, from simple shapes to intricate configurations. No matter the project size, we can handle it – we're equipped to tackle both small and large-scale busbar needs.


Ensure the secure and efficient operation of your electrical systems with our industry-leading medium-voltage bushings. We offer a comprehensive range of bushing solutions, designed to meet the specific requirements of your application. Our bushings are available in various configurations and voltage ratings, providing exceptional performance and durability.


Our comprehensive selection of metal connectors guarantees a secure and reliable solution for all your project needs. We offer a vast array of connectors in various shapes, sizes, and materials to perfectly match your application. From simple connections to complex configurations, our metal connectors ensure superior conductivity and long-lasting performance.

Flexible & Laminated Busbars

We're committed to staying at the forefront of power distribution solutions. That's why we're excited to offer a developing selection of flexible and laminated busbars. These innovative conductors can provide space-saving and adaptable options for your needs.

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