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Our mission is to shape the future of power and data. Our components are the building blocks creating a smarter, more sustainable world.

One-stop solution, sustainability champion, and your strategic partner

The one-stop manufacturing solution for Copper and Aluminium Busbars and Bushings. At IMMSA, we propel the future of the electrical and data industries with leading-edge components, crafting a sustainable, connected world.

As your strategic partner, we're dedicated to being the cornerstone upon which you build your legacy, ensuring that every component contributes to a sustainable and interconnected future.


Our Products

Our components are the building blocks creating a smarter, more sustainable world. We produce busbar, bushings, and power components for the electrical, data, and mobility industries. 




Flexible & Laminated Busbars

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Our History

Your Trusted Partner in Manufacturing Excellence.
From humble beginnings as a metal trader to becoming the gold standard in manufacturing, IMMSA is synonymous with innovation and ethical practices. We are more than a manufacturer — we're your partner and consultant, redefining the industry standards.

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Our Value Proposition

Every interaction, from the first call to the final delivery, is an opportunity to showcase our relentless pursuit of your satisfaction. We don't just listen — we act, creating bespoke products that align with your vision and requirements.

Crafting Customized Solutions with Precision

With a global network of copper mills and direct access to the planet's leading raw materials, we build each busbar, bushing, and connector upon a foundation of world-class materials.

World-class materials

Combining flawless long-term customer retention rates with unparalleled experience working with AAA clients, we understand what motivates key OEMs – and how we can add real value.

Unmatched Experience

Strategically positioned across the USMCA highway, from Texas to Mexico State, our locations guarantee minimal supply chain disruption, low response times, and seamless distribution.

Effortless supply chains


Connect with our custom manufacturing experts

From a query about our processes to a deeper dive into the team beyond the screen, our custom manufacturing experts are never more than a few clicks away. We are responsive without exceptions.


A legacy of excellence spanning 25 years

Where Innovation Meets Reliability

With a quarter-century of expertise, we have built our legacy on delivering innovative solutions safeguarded by our ISO certifications. To the world, we provide custom metal parts; to our clients, we are the undisputed experts in copper and aluminum busbars, connectors, and bushings.

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